Wednesday, July 14, 2010

UIM PHS market price of 700 yuan more than today

Yesterday, China Telecom and China Netcom jointly announced in Beijing, machine cards separate PHS formal entry into the commercial phase of trial. Reporter yesterday learned that UIM PHS will be published today. According to industry integrated field UIM PHS market conditions analysis, machine card separation could PHS price in Beijing 700 yuan.

A source told the reporter that this put the machine in the Beijing market, a small quantity of cell phone card, the main mobile phone supplier is UT Starcom and ZTE. As for the future UIM PHS charges, operators and manufacturers to promote cooperation in issues such as how there is no clear view.

Mr Li said the consumer, the advantages of PHS in the price, the price of the traditional PHS only 35 100 yuan or less. UIM, mobile phones and phone cards separate settlement, the price more expensive than the traditional PHS at least twice. Loss of price advantage, in a short time, machine cards may not be able to achieve a large number of cell phone sales and a lot of updating of the old users.

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Receive a PIM card stored Huafei

Little Smart Card Separation achieved, the user can choose PHS handsets and replacement, exchange number; phone numbers and other personal information of this data will be stored in the card, not the replacement of PHS handset and re-enter.

In Beijing, Beijing Netcom will launch today the "Select Machine Card Separation-up" activities. As of August 15, the new user to select UIM PHS, such as stored 300 yuan bill, they will receive a value of 200 yuan a "well-informed and equipment" (including the PHS Special PIM card, 28 yuan communications, 300 net messages, text messages and 300 net a year ring-function costs); if stored 25 yuan / 50 / 100 bill, they will be a PIM card.

The original machine number one replacement card separation PHS PHS users will receive a retention of the original number of PIM card. In addition, PIM card standard price is 50 yuan / Zhang, handling 8 yuan / Zhang. Currently, Beijing has close to 2 million PHS users.


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